Missing features at Telnic / Telnames

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Missing features at Telnic / Telnames

Post by GII on Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:17 am

Only a few ideas:

  • Contact form
  • Help-desk application
  • Users leads generator
  • Traffic generator
  • Customer testimonials
  • Blog
  • Online live chat tool
  • Sweepstakes
  • Ratings
  • List creator
  • Calendar / scheduler
  • Call back button
  • Shop with product choices (time order / product specifications)
  • Latest news area
  • Polls
  • Clock / countdown
  • Product catalog
  • Charts
  • Popups with additional information
  • QR code
  • Currency converter
  • Crowd funding
  • Gift cards
  • Background music / sounds / audios
  • Stats display
  • FAQ
  • Restaurant menu
  • Reservation tool
  • iFrames
  • Display Amazon / Ebay articles
  • Display Flickr gallery
  • Text styling options
If you have more ideas, please let us know.

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Re: Missing features at Telnic / Telnames

Post by fustachio.tel on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:32 am

For telnames:

Don't need a Contact form as its click to call, click to email.

Don't need a built in to the proxy Help-desk application as its click to call, click to email, but placing an email in that goes to a helpdesk application/app that creates tickets and processes them is enough.

If telnames should have one then it should be in the app to open and process tickets it would just require telnames running an email server for one email address per tel aka something like help@yourtelname.tel and the app reading them like any other mail app just adding ticket numbers and resolved messages etc.

Users leads generator probably something for the app/backend control panel.

Traffic generators are just spamming applications?

Customer testimonials? you can put those in your PDFs.

Blog? a link is enough, but for the telnic proxy it only requires one developer on here to create the framework aka a single php page that inserts blog posts with pictures into the text fields and creates the correct sublinks for navigation and categories. Aka permalink structure etc.

Online live chat tool? Is click to call via skype not enough? remember a receptionist is the person who prevents spam/junk/visitors who don't need to be there from disturbing your business, if you have to monitor 24/7 for thousands of "chats" and messages that random people send you well thats wasting time and money, where as paying for calls is a barrier that prevents time wasters skype makes things easer but also adds more support costs as someone has to be there. Would you want to be disturbed at the middle of the night by someone who calls this online tool and it forwards to your mobile when you're a small business and work on your own? I would assume it would allow you to disable it during out of hours but what about those who work at out of hours? like emergency plumbers? that might need that £200 to fix something in the middle of the night, but yet get random chats and calls from people who are on the other side of the world? to me it don't really seem worth it as small business need to be sure people who call are not wasting their time aka the cost to call is a barrier that filters out time wasters.

Have you read any studies about how small companies use skype? I haven't but I'm imagining that its used more for on going projects and support and such and not so much for initial meetings aka first time customers due to needing to filter out time wasters? maybe something someone can look into here? it would help a lot.

Sweepstakes some form of coupon or a weblink that generates some random code when clicked? or is it not a click to call £1 a min phone line?

Ratings is... bbb Better Business Bureau? tel has icons for this all ready, customer ratings? theres a site UK people use to find tradesmen I mentioned it on teltalk a while ago they should partner with them.

Anyway some great ideas there but most services all ready exist and so tel has links to them in some cases but I agree they need more integration with regards to displaying stats and such, but telnames and telnic were in the habit of palming off work to others aka the last time I asked for a twitter style verification that should be done by the registrar they gave it to some developer to do at a high cost or something that produced just a link with a basic lcon.

Now telnames is verifying businesses and data themselves but only for sending data to 3rd parties but I've yet to see anything on the proxy page to indicate that is been checked and is a valid business and is being syndicated or is ready to be syndicated so other websites when DNS looking up the page knows its valid/checked upto date data.

A syndication icon might be a nice thing like twitter has its tick a tel could have a small purple star with a ~ tilde symbol in the center and when clicked it displays like twitter its verified and is syndicated.


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