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Post by SIX on Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:37 am

Project Description:

1. Site for .tel domains using Wordpress - For your understanding assume an exact clone of in terms of presentation, features, registration. We will obviously change the theme, colours, images and content to suit our requirement.
The Admin will also be required. Create an account to see how the admin works.

About the site :: Features required

- The entire site is static except for 1 aspect when the user searches a .tel domain.
- Through the APIs it's availability is checked. If available, the user is taken to the registration page where he logs in or creates a new account, pays for the domain and registers the domain. The registration is done automatically and mail is sent to the mail id of the user.
- We and our clients have some domains which we wish to sell at a high/premium price. So if the domain is not available then it should search on our own database and if available there it should return a message, "Congratulations, the domain is available but at a high/premium price of" . If user likes, he pays the high price and registers that. Once done, we will transfer the domain ownership to his name and details.
- Management of the Users and their domains will be done by us at the Master Admin.

This is urgent, so get back asap.

Skills required:

Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design

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