CanTalk Wireless Solutions

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CanTalk Wireless Solutions

Post by FrankW. on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:05 pm

A .tel domain is a unified communications standard that allows you to connect with friends and partners simply and easily, or as CanTalk phrases it "Click. Call. Connect". This company markets .tel domains as a solution to stay in touch: "Give people your .TEL once and stay connected for life."

Interestingly, CanTalk does not specialize in domain names. The full company name is CanTalk Wireless Solutions, and their primary business focus is the sale and support of wireless communications devices & network services for Canadian wireless carrier TELUS.

CanTalk first became interested in .tel from the perspective of a business that is always looking for new opportunities in marketing & communications. The company's management immediately recognized the potential for the new domain and took action to register on the first day that business registrations were accessible.

"Every now and then a new technology comes along that changes the rules. I believe .tel carries that sort of promise and I can foresee it having a lasting impact on how we communicate on a personal and professional level. Individuals and businesses that ignore .tel today may find themselves at a social & competitive disadvantage in coming months." - Nick Ellery, VP Marketing & Sales.

CanTalk Wireless believes that it has a responsibility to continuously embrace change and to look for new opportunities to provide the best communications solutions and real value to their clients. That responsibility was one of the driving factors behind the company adopting .tel as users and in their decision to offer .tel domains as a reseller.

After using .tel the company was so impressed with the domain's potential that they decided to speak with Vancouver based registrar, Webnames, about the opportunity to establish a partner relationship that would allow CanTalk to market and resell the .tel domains to their own clients. CanTalk Wireless had no prior experience in the promotion of web domains but with more than 20 years experience in marketing mobile handsets & services the company believed that the .tel domain would be a perfect fit for its current client base.

The company began selling .tel registrations in September and so far the program appears to be very well received with new registrations growing everyday. CanTalk expects interest in .tel to grow considerably in coming months especially as more people become familiar with its capabilities as a personal social networking tool as well as its obvious value for businesses.

In addition to .tel registrations, CanTalk also provides its clients with access to a .tel contact management tool developed for use on BlackBerry smartphones. This application, called CanTalk Hornet, enables users to quickly and easily navigate .tel domains and to save .tel data to their address books right from their mobile device. All new Blackberry handsets purchased from CanTalk Wireless now come preloaded with the CanTalk Hornet .tel contact application to help their clients stay ahead of the game.

Today, you can easily buy your .tel domain through the CanTalk Wireless website or in any of their retail locations. To find out more, contact a member of staff at a CanTalk Wireless store.

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