Copy all data of one .tel to another .tel

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Copy all data of one .tel to another .tel

Post by Clever on Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:50 am

If several .tel domains are administrated in one control panel, you can copy contact data from one .tel to another easily by selecting them and using the operation for it.

Please use this guide if you like to copy all data of one .tel to another:

  1. Backup the targeted .tel if you want to get access to its data later again, because after finishing this instruction all old data will be overwritten.
  2. Backup the .tel with the data to copy.
  3. Open the backup file from step 2 in a text editor such as notepad or editplus (do NOT use Word).
  4. Replace all references to the .tel to copy with the targeted .tel while taking care not to make any other changes.
  5. Save the file you have changed, keeping it as a .xml file.
  6. Upload the new file to the targeted .tel.

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