.tel in practice

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.tel in practice

Post by BigShot on Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:53 am

After using a .tel domain I can point out the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ Easy setup
+ Very fast administration
+ Very easy data update
+ No hosting fees
+ Focus on phone numbers and contact data (good for direct contact to customers)
+ High potential for future data sharing (conformity by data storing in the DNS)

- Currently not suitable for traditional search mechanisms (too much competition at Google.com)
- Limited content (e.g. no use as a blog)
- Neglect the provision of urgent needed features
- Completely unknown product
- Out-dated design at Telnic
- Questionable business strategy (separation of Telnic and Telnames, no support for partners and existing image damage)


Immature product, but innovative approach that can open up new markets through strong efforts by the sponsoring registry

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