Noteworthy National long number toll free number registration

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Noteworthy National long number toll free number registration

Post by TELwax on Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:41 pm

Interesting to note that some home subdivision of LG conglomerate in Korea , LG Hausy for Natural Acrylic Stone in LG Living Solution Division, a global brand well known on an  international basis for its electronic home appliances and mobile phones, did smartly register its local toll free phone number over dot TEL for inquiries to their main office in International Financial Center IFC Seoul, under a local long string phone number (certainly most widely advertised and searched locally among amll their phone numbers ?)

1. They input some international contact number in international format only in the records , however which international number might certainly NOT be reachable as a national toll free number can very rarely be reached from abroad , due to automatic barring related to pricing structure and reverse charge agreements not handled in such international case between local CSP providing the toll free service and/or the telcos .

2. Althought national toll free number generally benefit from huge amount of money spending in advertisement on a local (nationwide) basis, it is a fact international number to access whatever same Sales or Customer care department from a company are rarely known, therefore large companies might make further moves to register their toll free phone number asset and attached to it international phone number to reach their international department (or promote their network of regional or internaitonal offices ) , without some international call from a Customer being barred for basic reason that reverse charge agreement is not handled locally ( another similar example, try to call from your mobile phone while roaming, the Customer Care shortcode provided for your mobile operator to reach Customer care , or your Electricity company Customer care to pay your bill will abroad....) . This is a usecase already listed here for all numeric dot TELs ( see list of use case : )

3. Noted so far LG Hausy in this case did not yet register other regional or international sales office phone numbers although they might in future,  to give easier access and awareness to regional offices : 

4.They still apparently are not aware they can register up to 6 images 468x351 on top, on bottom , and 6 images on right side 250x250 to promote and pitch their products & services.

>>>> Interestingly here , it is respectable LG corporation however .

When will LG Mobile device & Smartphones division do the same for is worldwide sales office network ?


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