Buzz growing about all numeric strings and application

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Buzz growing about all numeric strings and application

Post by TELwax on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:22 am

Best positive buzz ever towards all -numeric dot TEL usecases ignited by ... ITU a few days ago !!!

Finally the missing indirect recognition from the telecommunication world towards TEL capability ?

A special cum laude mention indirectly awarded by ITU to :
- shortcodes ( also shortcodes directories ?)
- national phone numbers  ( also national or regional phone directories ? )
- international phone numbers in ITU-T E.164 format

ITU letter to ICANN, Geneva 11 October 2013 wrote:
ITU must express its concern about TELNIC’s recent announcement launching an “all numeric .tel domains” service from 15 October 2013. This raises a number of policy, legal, and practical implications on the potential usage of all-digit strings, not only under .TEL domain, but also under any future telephony-related new gTLDs
… /...

We are seeking this clarification as the digit strings appear similar to telephone numbers and could be used in a manner similar to telephone numbers, which may confuse customers or cause undue conflicts arising from their use.
Full text here :

Already an output of mature convergence between Internet and Telecommunication ?

Interesting times, although not many all-numeric DN registered today over TEL on first day , which would certainly please ITU as of date ...

Until next steps , for example when some Google or other OTTs put their hands onto services fom phone number registration over dot TEL , or IMEI over dot TEL, for them to explore further initally walled gardens ?

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Re: Buzz growing about all numeric strings and application

Post by Number1 on Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:42 am newsletter from yesterday:

Since you currently have a .TEL domain name, we wanted to share some cool new information about the .TEL extension.

  • As of today, 8-digit (or longer), all-numerical .TEL domain names are available for registration on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • What's this mean? You can now register your full phone number as a domain name, such as
  • It's a great way to brand your phone number as your online business card, create a domain name for your customer support line, or get your phone number indexed by search engines.
Register a new .TEL for $9.99.

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